A Shadow In The Spotlight

Tonight is a nice autumn night, and I am only a shadow in the spotlight coming from the Bescot Occupier* Settlement.

As I walked to my grandparent’s home, which is only five minutes away by walking, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind.

The first thought was how quiet the night is, especially in the autumn and winter. The only thing you hear is the sounds of car engines and a few children finishing up their games. Although, walking to my grandfather’s house tonight was a relatively quiet walk than the usual walks.

The second thought that came to my mind was when I looked up at the sky. I did not see a single star nor did I hear any aircraft engines (which is surprisingly odd because for the past week, that is all I have been hearing). I look up, and there is the moon, smiling down at me in its crescent shape. I like looking at the sky when the moon is there. Though, tonight, I wondered. Was the moon smile a genuine one filled with hope or was it mocking me and everyone else on this ill-fated planet?

The third thought that ran through my head came when I was close to reaching my grandparent’s home. On my left side lies the Israeli settlement by the name of Bescot.On my right side is the rest of Al-Bireh and Ramallah city. I look down from where I am walking and hear the recitation of Quran for the ‘Isha prayer. I see lights and buildings. More lights and more buildings. And then, I turn my head to the left and see lights, but one big spotlight is focused on a house. As I pass that house, I see my shadow. I think of the sirens they sounded a week ago so that everyone in the settlement could take cover. I thought of how they have built that settlement on stolen land. I thought of how my father told me he used to play there. I thought of my grandparents’ neighbor, an old woman, who still goes to pick figs from her tree that is where this settlement was built. I think of the children in Gaza that are dying and seeing people died. I think of how they have not begun to recover from the previous attacks to have it all start all over again like a recurring nightmare.

I think of the six billion people in the world and think of the number of people out of those six billion that can do something but are doing nothing. I  can do something – heck, I’m writing-  but sometimes, it seems that the more I talk about certain issues, the less people listen. “Same old crap,” they say. Well, killing people should NOT be “same old crap.” It should NOT be happening in the first place. I will not apologize for my constant posts on Occupia*, Gaza, and everything else on different social networks. Unlike those who make the “same old crap” argument, I refuse to stop talking and voicing opinions and facts on what they think is “same old crap.”

I think of how I am a shadow in the spotlight of the settlement tonight. I refuse to be a shadow in anyone’s spotlight. Would you allow yourself to be in that position, fellow friends? I doubt it.

Tonight is a nice autumn night…and I just heard a gunshot spring out from that settlement.



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