The Little Things About The Holidays

It hasn’t been long since I was a kid. Even though, there is a little part of me that is still a kid or connected to that time. I mean who are we kidding really? We all have that ‘little kid’ living in us, even after we begin to grow up.

That’s good, though, having the ‘little kid’ in you still live on even after you traded the rollerskates that you use to wear all the time for a laptop – if only they were near the same price. And I’ll tell you why. Somewhat.

Today, being the second day of Eid Al-Adha celebrated by Muslims worldwide, I noticed the little things about this holiday that I noticed when I was a kid. I was never a Eid person, so to speak, because well, it’s like any other day for me. Except everything but restaraunts are closed. And family comes over from the A.M. And the internet is much slower. And the phone rings non-stop. But today, I realized how I felt about the Eid when I was a kid, especially my first holiday here in Occupia*.

I was ten when I celebrated my very first holiday here. I am not sure exactly what month it was, but a picture of my siblings and I tells me it was winter. I was like any kid, wearing my new clothes, did my hair – which never seems to straighten perfectly – , and eating the famous ma3mool. People coming, people going. It was nice. It was the first time I spent Eid with my Uncle from my father’s side, and my grandparents from my mother’s side. It was the first time I heard the takbeer from the Masjids. My oh my, it was wonderful!

In the States, I remember my family and I used to go to these Eid parties, which I was just thinking about today. I wonder if they still throw them. Sometimes, we’d have school, but we wouldn’t go for that day because it was Eid, and we had to go see family and friends. Which was fun everytime! A break, randomly, in the middle of the school year!

Then, I began to grow up. The idea of waking up early and getting dressed for Eid annoyed me. I started to not like ma3mool. I see my family everyday so this one day isn’t special, really. All I needed was to steal money from all the Occupied* (because that’s usually the ‘present’), and I’d be the grinch who stole Eid, literally. The holiday was…boring. And it was boring to most of those that had began to grow up like myself.

But yesterday, on the first day of the Eid, I woke up early. I watched the people on the Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) perform the rituals. I heard the takbeer. I saw children wear their best outfits and go to pray. I saw them running around. That’s the beauty of the Eid here.  Almost everyone is celebrating.  That’s when it hit me. I used to love this when I was a kid, and deep down inside, my heart still fluttered at seeing these images because I was once in these images. Maybe a little less than when I was a kid  with the whole clothes and candy deal, but it was magnified with listening to the Eid. That’s it. I listened closely to the Eid, heard it and my heart fluttered.

Even writing this, I’m smiling because images that haven’t surfaced up in a while are coming back to me, and it feels…nice.

The ‘little kid’ inside of us knows that we’re growing up, somewhat. Somehow. But the ‘little kid’ is there to remind us that there are just some things we can’t help but look back at and smile, with whatever emotion lies behind that smile. The ‘little kid’ is there to remind us to listen to the things we used to only hear because we are growing up. To remind us to observe what we used to only look at.

I don’t know what the ‘little kid’ in you just told you after reading this, if anything, but the ‘little kid’ inside of me just told me to save my money and look for some rollerskates.

I might just do that.




One thought on “The Little Things About The Holidays

  1. ONE NOTE: Age is nothing but a NUMBER! For a person like me, always FULL of Eid spirit, whether I’m in occupia* or away from occupia, whether I’m 5, 10, or 19 years old, my “little kid” just NEVER and Never will disappear. My spirit just increases and increases with age..thats all I know! lol. and Besides, Eid is Not just our Holiday, But Allah (SWT) ‘s Holiday as well! How Great is That!
    So, Hash, I Agree, I think I’m gonna go buy some rollerskates as well! hahaha..IT’S EID for Allah’s sake!!
    Inshallah ya Rabbi Yin3ad 3ala jamee3 il Occupied* bil sihha wil Salamah and with Freedom! Ameen ya Rab il 3alameen. =)

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