She stood there, chanting.

*Refer to previous post.

I read in AlQuds Newspaper today about a study conducted by professors at Bristol University in the UK. The study showed that children have a sense of justice and equity, despite the young age and the belief that children are selfish little people. This study was briefly summarized in the newspaper, but it had me shaking my head. Those little people called children have a sense of justice, but this “man’s world” that we are living seems as if it does not.

Occupia* is a land where activists from around the world come to help out, work, and chant for justice for the Occupied*. The problem is that the Occupiers” have a way of making them quiet. They have a way of not letting them enter the country. They have a way of not letting their hopes come to life. The hopes they come with diminish. For some, it goes with their last breath. Their last chant.

That was pretty much the case with the American activist Rachel Corrie. On Tuesday, her murder by one of the Occupiers bulldozers was ruled as a “regrettable accident”, according to the New York Times. The details of her “accidental” death if you are wondering? Well, wearing a vest in front of a house that belonged to a family from the Occupied’s side that was about to be demolished, she stood there, chanting…and a bulldozer killed her.

Do you see the anger that words – and words alone – can conjure up?

I am not writing this to give you another opinion on the Occupiers’ ruling. I am writing this so  you can be reminded that one day, a woman stood in front of house of a family whose basic rights were taken away and chanted, and for doing this, her life was taken.

The next time – which is pretty much all the time for the Occupied – someone takes your rights away, stand up and chant. The next time someone questions your abilities, stand up and chant. The next time someone tells you to move out of the way so they can continue to make the world a darker place than it already is, stand there and chant. Because if you do so, you become the light from where you are standing.

Rachel Corrie is a light. She is not on this selfish world anymore, but the people that are inspired by her carry on her light. The Occupied family whose home she tried to save carries on her light, making their own.

The little people we call children know what justice is and what equality is. The little people we call children can watch the video of the day she died and tell you “This is wrong.” The little people we call children can be a pain when it comes to raising them, but that is only because they stand there, chanting for what they want, and being the adults in the situation, we give in. And that is not because they are being spoiled or being raised by “bad” parents. That is because they know what they deserve. That is because we know the power of words…And it scares us more than anything.

When we see the little people we call children around, we get a feeling of joy because they light up the room, so to speak. Well, I think it is safe to say that the little people we call children are the future’s light, are they not?

In honor of Rachel Corrie, let’s stand here, there, and everywhere, chanting.






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